Features Of Non Owners Auto Insurance

Non Owner Car Insurance Quote

Non owner’s auto insurance is beneficial in offering liability coverage to people, who don’t have their own vehicles. Like as the standard liability insurance, this type of auto insurance covers the damage of cars and injuries to other people, while the vehicle owner is in fault. But this will not cover the injuries of the vehicle owners as well as the damages occurred to the vehicles. However, if you are purchasing your own insurance rather than depending on the policies of other people, then you can make sure that you have enough coverage to protect the assets.

People, who have valid driver’s license but don’t have vehicles, can qualify for car insurance for no car owners. Some of the insurers also don’t write non-owner policies in case there are cars in any household, which the car owner has access to. Here are the situations, when getting non-owners insurance can be beneficial.

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1) You are planning to get the license reinstated after any serious infraction: In case your license has got suspended after being convicted of DUI and other serious offenses, then the state laws will ask you get the license reinstated. As part of this procedure, it is necessary to certify that you have purchased proper vehicle insurance. But in case you don’t have a vehicle, then buying the insurance for non car owners will meet the requirements of state.

2) You rent vehicles frequently: The majority of the states need car rental companies to offer liability insurance of the state minimum level as part of the basis rental fee. But in a number of cases the state minimums cover really little and there are also some exceptions. One can actually purchase additional liability insurance at the rental counter, but this type of coverage costs a few dollars every day. So, in case you rent vehicles for several times a year and want more than the minimum liability level coverage, then getting the non-owner policy would be the most affordable choice.

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